Tanzania 2017


I recently returned from another successful Priority One Vision Trip to Tanzania. A group of pastors and district leaders from North Dakota and South Dakota said YES and joined me in visiting the Central Bible College campus in Dodoma. The college is in dire need of more classroom space and this group committed to completing the first phase of the new Dakota Academic Center that will add three much needed classrooms. Amazing what we can do together!


The team from the ND/SD AG Churches had barely left the campus of CBC in Dodoma, Tanzania, when we received this picture.  The following Saturday over 50 students took their shovels, pick axes, and hoes to the place where a few hours before we had broken ground for the new classroom building.  They began work at 7 am and never stopped until all of the trenches for the foundations were dug.


The next weekend another group of 50, both male and female students, gathered to pour the concrete slab for the new classrooms. They mixed the cement on location and carried the wet concrete bucket by bucket to each corner of the concrete form. They repeated this arduous task until the entire slab was poured.


The students continue to show eagerness and selflessness in completing projects around the campus. We love when the students are involved in the building process as they take pride and ownership in the improvements being made around campus.

The building will have three classrooms, each one accommodating 75 students. The walls will go up next and we'll continue to show you the ongoing construction. This classroom building is being provided sacrificially by the ND/SD  AG Districts and churches.

Sam Johnson
Executive Director | Priority One
March 2017

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