Ethiopia 2017


Six months ago many of us met together in Cancun for the 15th Anniversary of Priority One. Today let me briefly share what has happened since then.

Someone much smarter than I said, “you can’t manage what you can't measure.” We always visit the country and the project BEFORE we make a commitment, we visit it again DURING the construction phases, and CELEBRATE when it is finished, as we measure our success.

It is for this reason and more, that this week I’m in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Missionary Doug Lowenberg. Twelve Priority One Partners have also joined me on this Vision Trip. 20 years ago, I went to Ethiopia to see what we could do to help Doug buy or build permanent facilities for the fledgling Bible School. The Lord helped us, and we secured a four story building that has served the AG well, with over 1000 students having graduated at a BA level.

The school has now outgrown its facility and a new one is being completed to serve 1000 students.  Friends of Doug have helped him immensely with this million dollar project, and we are privileged to help finish it. New pictures will be sent, but this is the latest we have.

Paul Stewart