Calcutta 2017

Great progress is being made in Calcutta on the new women's dorm on the campus of Buntain Theological College. One by one the pilings began to surface for a total of 85. Each of these pilings goes 40 feet into the ground. A massive undertaking.

Now comes the fun part when the building starts to take shape. There are 150 laborers working 10 hour days to pour the concrete slabs basketful by basketful - much like the bucket by bucket method they used in Tanzania. 

The new women's dorm will house 100 students and have additional staff housing on the ground floor. The building is scheduled to be completed in 2018 at a total cost of $750,000. Until then the female students who live off campus will continue to take public transportation one hour each way.

Thank you for your ongoing support of this very needed facility. It's amazing what we can do TOGETHER in His name.

Sam Johnson
Executive Director | Priority One

Paul StewartComment